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xaml:blog moving to msn spaces

April 29, 2006
I’m a Program Manager on Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (AKA "Avalon", WPF) and I primarily have been blogging about work.  I started back in October 2003 on when Avalon was first announced to the world at the PDC.
I do a variety of things on the Avalon team:

My blog site ( is experiencing an outage this morning [it is back up now], so I figured I’d give Spaces a try.  A few months ago I had attempted to get a blog going on my own domain but I ran into problems with the DB and I haven’t gotten back to it.


So far, I’m impressed by MSN Spaces…

One question: does it let me decide my URL for this post?  Don’t see that option…ouch.


From → Rob Update

  1. Johann permalink

    Since you work at Microsoft, don\’t you get access to

  2. Rob permalink

    Sure, I could use, but I don\’t want to…
    Using MSN Spaces gives me exposure to what we are offering customers.
    I like a bunch of things so far that I\’m seeing here on spaces.
    I\’ve also have found a few features I\’d like added:
    * an ability to contribute to the url of the permalink for a post.  (I often find myself referring people to my old posts and have a nice URL sure helps.)

    * more ability to analyze stats.
    Looks like the Channel9 wiki with MsnSpaces requests does a good job of capturing the 2nd.  I\’ll add the 1st…
    I\’m intrigued by the book lists and ad hosting.  Gonna get rich soon?

  3. Vitalie permalink

    There are some more features I and much more other peoplea would like to see. The Statistics page is among the first ones we all want to see changed 🙂
    While I can also support the Book module, I don\’t see much sense in the Music module. The same thing is with permissions on spacess. I can\’t neither set permissions I want, nor make it all available to public.
    … Don\’t you want to move to Spaces Team and to have a listener job function? I\’m jocking 😉

  4. Unknown permalink

    hey, nice new location.
    I need some advise about categorizing my mind on WinFX issues.
    I\’ve just started writing both on msn space and wordpress. I want to be heared too much I think 😛
    Any way check my blog, and lets publish more.

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