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Url Centric Design

May 2, 2006
I believe that websites need to become more focused on Url centric design.
It is not just the UI that matters, Urls matter as well.
I was just trying to send a link to the smarttag sdk to somebody…
MSN Spaces is actually worse…I can’t control the URL of my post… and there is no indication of what date the post is from or what the topic is (still haven’t entered that into the c9 wiki…couldn’t log in for some reason).
I have written a bit about Urls before.  I link to each blog post on that topic from
Cheesy art to boot:

From → Urls

  1. Edward permalink

    You can shorten it a bit to:

    or you could trust Google to find it for you"development of smart tags for office 2003"&btnI=foo

    MSDN2 links are much better.

  2. Rob permalink

    Search sites should also have good Uris.
    But having a good search Uri is not a substitute for using good Uris for your applications and content.
    Hey, MSDN2 is more like it.
    When can the rest of MSDN get this?
    One beef though, why does MSDN2 require .aspx?
    What happens when MSDN makes a technology implementation to decision?

  3. Rob permalink

    I meant…
    What happens when MSDN makes a decisions to change their technology implementation?

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