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Dead in the water innacuracies

May 5, 2006
MrBioTech questions if Microsoft is dead in the water.
My short answer: no.
However, I don’t have time to engage in a debate or major discussion on this.
I did want to make sure that an innaccuracy in MrBioTech’s post is corrected.  He said:

Mismanagement. By now the greatest features originally touted in the OS that would replace XP have all but been stripped away. Avalon/XAML, the encouraging and allegedly quick WinFS – we will probably not be seeing these features shipping with the plethora of Windows Vista versions to be sold.
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF/"Avalon") is part of Windows Vista.  (This includes support for XAML, the markup langauge for building Windows Applicaitons).  In the next public CTP of Windows Vista you’ll see this.
MrBioTech is correct, WinFS is not shipping with Windows Vista or WinFX in this first version.  That is a change compared to the original intent that we announced when we announced WinFX back at the PDC in October 2003.
This is a part of shipping software…sometimes a project won’t be ready when the Windows Vista train needs to leave the station.  If so, you have to decide if you want to delay the train, or have the project catch the next train.
Microsoft needs to get better at this.  Making big bets, but having a more regular set of trains so that missing a train isn’t as big a deal.
Trains shouldn’t leave every 5 years!

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  1. FRED ® permalink

    So, did you mean the release circle should be shorter and more frequent than before? It will be good news for consumers but I can\’t see it\’s a good news for enterprises.
    IMO, the subscription based distributing model and automatic update would be the savior.

  2. Rob permalink

    Yes, I did mean that we should ship new versions of windows more often and we should spread the changes out.
    Yes, the more we could move to a subscription model and safely update a machine…the better.
    We understand that it is costly to upgrade OSes…we need to make sure that the benefit greatly outweighs the cost.

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