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What tools generate .g.cs from XAML? Can it be done at runtime?

May 5, 2006

Got a question from a WPF user from within Microsoft yesterday which we’ll call Don (no, not this Don):

What tools are used to generate the .G.CS classes when a XAML project is created?

Also is there an API for this so I can do it at runtime?


The answer:

In order to compile xaml files, we have declared a few MsBuild tasks in PresentationBuildTasks.dll.

Projects that contain <Page Include="Page1.xaml" /> and that import MicrosoftWinFX.targets will be markup compiled.


There are 2 "Targets" defined in that targets file that do the work for markup compilation.

MarkupCompilePass1 – creates a .g.cs file for each Page.  If the xaml doesn’t refer to any classes defined in the assembly being created during the build, a baml file is created.

            This baml file is a binary (pre-tokenized) version of the hierarchy of objects and property sets from the xaml file.

MarkupCompilePass2 – creates all baml files that weren’t able to be created in Pass1


The only APIs that WPF exposes to do this markup compilation are those msbuild based tasks in PresentationBuildTasks.dll.

MsBuild can be called at runtime (from full trust apps).


Here is some additional information that may help your investigation:

3 Coding Styles for Avalon Applications (this shows ways that markup and code can be mixed during compile and/or runtime)

.xaml, .baml, .g.cs details (discusses some details about baml, generated code)


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  1. Unknown permalink

    Three coding styles and one issue 🙂 I need to support run-time (byenduser) layout modification (move buttons, change pictures etc), and choosesecond way of using Xaml – xamlreader.Now I get another trouble – NavigationWindowdoesnt want to Navigate to custom (loaded) page instance(throw InvalidOperationException), but if I create a compiledpage(from add new item->WinFX Page) it works perfect. Does it means that if Iload page content dynamically, I can\’t use navigation?

  2. Unknown permalink

    Hello Rob,
    is there a way to let IIS compile the entire application? What i mean can i use a Xaml-app like an ASP app?
    I want only the XAML on the server and the server compiles the new version for me.

  3. Rob permalink

    From IIS you have a few options.
    1) send XAML down to IE – custom logic is not very easy to do today.
    2) send XAML down to an installed application (or xbap) – the application can provide some custom logic.
    On the server, you could choose to build an application via msbuild…however this is not something you\’d want to do with every request from a client.
    Perhaps you could tell me what functionality you are trying to build if those answers don\’t answer it all for you…

  4. Rob permalink

    Navigation works fine with compiled or uncompiled xaml.
    My guess is that you are putting something in the xaml that requires compilation today — like an event handler.
    You may want to follow up in detail on the WPF forums…see the link to the left..

  5. Unknown permalink

    Hello Rob,
    hmm.. complicated to describe (my english is not good).
    Let\’s try. For example i have a xaml page with inputfields on it and after a while i want to put a new inputfield on it but for this i dont want to compile the entire app. This is in ASP.NET possible, there is the IIS which knows of the new file and then it compiles the new page with codebehind.

  6. Unknown permalink

    If you can, please give some links to code examples, how to compile xaml file at runtime. I have some troubles with runtime loading of objects from xaml using XamlReader.Load. All is fine until there are some code behind or event handlers. XamlReader throw an exception "Must compile XAML file that specifies events.".

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