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Name Fluency

May 31, 2006
Name Fluency
I was reading an article in the NY Times this morning and I ran across the term "name fluency".
The article discussed a study that looked at stock performance based on a number of issues included how pronouncable the name was.
Although I had never heard a term for this before now, I’m a big believer in name fluency.  Back when we had to pick a name for Avalon’s markup language, many names were considered.  I favored XAML (eXtensible Avalon Markup Language).  A coworker was arguing for AXML (Avalon XML).
Name fluency was my reasoning.
Shortly before our largest customer preview of Avalon/XAML, perhaps in 2003, we decided to make the A stand for Application, since we didn’t think the term Avalon was going to ever be shared externally.
NY Times Reader
I’m using an internal version of the New York Times Reader…this is the first time I’ve sat down with it to do some reading.  Very nice!  In fact, I’m going back to finish the paper!  When was the last time you heard that term in reference to an electronic newspaper?

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