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XBAPs running in Media Center

June 7, 2006
[XBAP = Xaml Browser Application]
Charlie Owen just emailed me about a new forum that his team (the Media Center team) opened up, due to popular demand, about XAML Browser Applications for Media Center.
Ok, I’m not sure how much demand there was…but we have at least one developer (Niall Ginsbourg) very excited about XAML Browser Apps targeting the MCE platform.
Media Center
Media Center is an exciting technology.  Most XP based computers are shipping with the Media Center flavor of the OS.  A few of the high end Windows Vista SKUs have Media Center built in.
I’m not a media center user yet…my old Replay TV 2000 is still working…but I’m going to buy a new computer or two later this year.  Getting better HDTV recording support is a major reason I’ll be using Media Center.
Remoting Media Center to an XBOX 360 is another part of that plan…but don’t tell my wife that yet. 🙂
MCE Development in a Nutshell
In case you didn’t know, there are 2 development platforms that can target MCE development:
  • MCML (custom built for MCE and MCE only)
  • XAML Browser Applications (XBAP) –  (sandboxed WPF application runnable in the browser or MCE)

More Details on XBAP

MSDN Publications: XBAP whitepaper & sandbox whitepaper

Blogs of Program Managers who think alot about XBAPs: Karen Corby, Lauren Lavoie, & Ashish Shetty


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