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June 9, 2006
I’ve been posting a bit on the Times Reader:
My colleague and friend Kevin Gjerstad got onto On10 with a ten minute interview/demo about the Times Reader.  Kevin and his team have done great stuff with the New York Times.
Anyway, since the beta isn’t available yet…it might be nice to see.
I’m behind…I just watched it now…~a week after it was released…
At TechEd in Boston next week, I’ll do a small Times Reader demo as part of my WPF overview talk.  Chris Han (WPF Text Team PM) will drill into the technologies deeper in his talk about WPF and Content.  See you there?
 Tina’s post on On10:

"Times Reader" The New York Times on Windows Vista!

Kevin Gjerstad stops by and demos the new WinFX application called "Times Reader". This app uses many of the new display features of Windows Vista to show you content in a whole new way. The Reader will resize and reflow your content to best fit your screen, giving news enthusiasts a better electronic reading experience with The New York Times.

I’m a complete news junkie so I’m absolutely looking forward to this. What about you guys?


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