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.net framework 3.0, & xaml schema uri impact

June 13, 2006
"WinFX" renamed .Net Framework 3.0
A few days ago we announced that "WinFX" will no longer be used as the brand for WPF, WCF, WF and "InfoCard".  We are now rebranding "WinFX" to ".Net Framework 3.0".
Soma made the announcement on his blog.
Jason Zander added some more details.
New .Net Framework 3.0 and WPF Content on the Web
Along with that, go check out and
I’ve added a link to up on the top left of my blog’s home page.
My Feelings
I was fine with this.  I think the masses of .Net developers will understand a new version of .Net more than a related but seperately named set of technologies.
This late in the game though, I didn’t want to see our team spending much time changing all but the essential parts of the product for this.  We didn’t want to introduce any breaking changes to the developers out there because of this.
XAML Schema Uris Will Still Have WinFX in Them (for our first version)
Because of this, our first version schema URIs will still contain the term "winfx" (  Next version, when we have to come up with a new URI due to the year change, we’ll change the "winfx" to something like "netfx".
So, your XAML files will still work, we don’t need to go through more major changes of every xaml file in the wild.
Hope you like that decision…

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  1. Jason permalink

    Could xaml be integrated in ? I mean, could both link togther to work as an single application ?

  2. Kevin permalink

    I\’d be happier if it really was a new .NET version. Then it would be clearer what that number means.
    The fact that version 2.0 of the CLR is going to be included in something branded as .NET 3.0 is inevitably going to cause confusion (and you will also run up against managers who will refuse to install the new bits because it\’s only a year or less since their last framework upgrade…unfortunately they think that way).
    Will there be any way of determining from the user agent string whether an XP box running CLR v2.0 is running .NET 3.0? Just wondering, but that will impact some deployment scenarios if not.
    I agree that the WinFX name had to go (if only to avoid confusion with WinFS when it eventually arrives), although I\’m saddened at the implication that it represents a scaling back of the scope (since WinFX carried an implicit message of "you can largely forget about Win32", whereas if we don\’t see esssential Vista UI elements such as TaskDialogs and Command Links made accessible without writing explicit interop code it will be looking very much like the situation with old-school VB: lots of nifty stuff but forget about being able to produce a professional Windows application. And that would be very sad indeed)

  3. Rob permalink

    I think the old plan of record was to call the first version of WinFX = "WinFX 3.0" and to deadend the .Net Framework term…Not ideal either.
    I hear you though…
    When you install .NetFx 3.0, it will install only the new things if you already have .NetFx 2.0.  It doesn\’t touch the 2.0 install.
    If you didn\’t have 2.0 installed, it will install it.
    Yes, there is a user string difference between .net3.0 and .net2.0 machines.  You can see what that is by looking at beta2 of ".netfx 3.0" today…it already modifies the useragent…
    WinFS vs WinFX…I don\’t know if WinFS is a final name…but yes, it would have been braindead to have both WinFX and WinFS as names.
    I understand your concerns about the implications on the relevance of win32.
    Windows needs to continue to provide great unmanaged exposure of their APIs…and we need to make sure that those services are also available seemlessly in .Net code.
    Sometimes our schedules/priorities won\’t be syncronized well enough…
    I think that needs to change so that we can deliver services to both unmanaged and managed developers.  P/Invoke has the downside that it isn\’t callable from within XBAP (sandboxed) applications.
    Yes, that would be sad…if people needs something for professional app development, WPF should absolutely make it possible.
    Please keep your feedback coming.
    Thx, Rob

  4. Rob permalink

    j3-momment (name?):
    ASP.NET can send XAML content to IE or a custom WPF application.
    I believe that it would be difficult to create an ASP.NET application that works in any browser, but then automatically takes advantage of the significant increased power of .NetFx3.0 if installed on a client.
    Is that what you are looking for?
    Thx, Rob

  5. Unknown permalink

    Do you happen to have an eta on the WinFx runtime rtm?  Or can you direct me to someone who might know?
    Thank you,

  6. Rob permalink

    .NetFx3.0 will ship when Windows Vista does its initial release (for companies not consumers.)  That is November 2006.
    At that point, corporations and some others will be able to get copies of Windows Vista with .Net Fx integrated.  Consumers have to wait until February 2007 for copies of Windows Vista.
    Also at that point, users will be able to install .NetFx3.0 on any Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP? or later.
    Beta 2 is available today…

  7. Abhijeet permalink

    The great about .Net Framework 3.0 is that it has made the compatibilty with the older Framework 2.0

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