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Windows Vista beta2

June 29, 2006
I’m excited and nervous about Windows Vista.
Excited about a bunch of great investments the Windows team has made.
Nervous about a few areas which still need more work.
All Vista (Almost)
Vista is the OS I’m using on all my work machines. I plan on testing it on my home computers very soon as well.
With Windows XP, for the past several years, I blame myself for any bad bugs that I should have personally found before we shipped it…(Outlook Express and how it works with 2 hotmail accounts in one profile, etc…)
Have you tested what is important to you with Vista?
Have you reported all the problems you found?
Vista Experience
The more I use Vista, the more I discover that I like.
I also agree with Scott Finnie (Computerworld), that some areas of Windows take some steps backwards each version too.
I’m not going to spend my time now going deep into my likes or dislikes…there are a bunch of reviewers digging in.
I am seeing great improvement as new builds come out…I want to help the team achieve all our goals for quality and date.  We’re working hard.  We’re balancing developers from areas that are "done" to areas that need more work.  People are installing builds often, reporting bugs, running "stress".  Normal stuff we do when we ship software.
Vista Reviews
Before writing this post I just read a review on Vista:
That article referenced a previous article – focusing on the negative side of things as well:
Good to read both the positive and negative side of things.
Hopefully we listen to all the negative things and improve them as much as possible before ship.
One of My Favorite Features
Launching apps by typing their name in the "start search" textbox:
I don’t need to create shortcuts, I don’t need to navigate my hierarchy, etc…

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  1. Unknown permalink

    I don\’t know about you, but I start most of my applications from my bash/rxvt Cygwin console – no navigation of hierarchy for me either :)Similarly, all this talk of search etc. that\’s been going on for so long leaves me nonplussed. updatedb, locate and a little bit of find & grep do my needs just fine.

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