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July CTP has no Cider…thus no VS Extensions…what to do?

July 26, 2006
UPDATE 9/7/2006:
July CTP is no longer the latest version of WPF available.
9/1/2006 we released our RC1 of .Net Framework 3.0.
It has a build of Orcas available for it.
Original Post:
Sorry I didn’t post about this earlier, I was on vacation…and amazingly I didn’t do any work for 2 weeks.  (ok, i deleted a few mails…)
Jaime has a post talking about July CTP being without a build of the VS Extensions for .NetFx 3.0.  (Cider couldn’t make the surprise date.)
He posts a work around that let’s you install the June CTP of VS Extensions (there is an updated build of those extensions for June) with the July CTP of everything else.  Cider won’t be available, but templates, intellisense in XAML, etc… will be.
I would lean towards using July, unless Cider use was critical for your work right now.
Sorry that we couldn’t ship everything at once…

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  1. Kevin permalink

    I\’m suffering from a little CTP exhaustion just now, I think I\’ll just watch the scenery go past for a while (it was mainly the Windows SDK updates that shattered my nerves).
    I\’ve been wondering though what the story will be like with the VS extensions once .NET v3.0 goes RTM – will there be stable builds separate from ongoing Orcas CTPs?
    The reason I ask is that peope are obviously going to be wanting to write real-life, production, I\’d-like-you-to-give-me-some-money-please applications for .NET 3.0 (and WPF for example), and the platform will need this in order to take off, as will Vista.
    But Orcas looks like it\’s at least another year away, and certainly far enough away that real production applications for .NET 3.0-formerly-WinFX will have to be written with whatever is available in the interval, so it would be helpful if something is available by RTM that is of the same quality as other production tools (and stays the same for more than 5 minutes).
    By the way, I don\’t know how other people feel, but if such a VS extension *is* made available that is separate from CTPs (as I think it should be), I really don\’t mind if you leave out Cider if it\’s not sufficiently ready by then. Until it provides full schema support and speeds up a lot it\’s more of an annoyance than anything else (and I don\’t say that to disparage the fine work of the developers – I know these things are hard and take time).

  2. Rob permalink

    Yes, uninstalling and installing things once a month may be too often. 
    Our CTP frequency is determined by Windows Vista builds, I\’m not sure what the optimal CTP frequency is…what would you like to see?
    Once .Net 3.0 ships, the current plan of record is to stop updating the VS Extensions that work with VS 2005 and only provide updates in Orcas CTPs/Betas.
    So developers will have 2 choices:
    1) use VS2005 + VS Extensions that work with .netfx 3.0.
    2) use previews of orcas
    We\’d love feedback on that plan.

  3. Kevin permalink

    That actually sounds like just the sort of thing I was hoping for.
    As for optimal CTP frequency, the chances are that no two people would have the same answer to that one, and in any case it\’s likely to be affected by what\’s actually *in* one CTP relative to the previous one, or any betas that might also be out there.
    But my highly unscientific gut feeling from my own point of view  is "about 1 every 3 months", since that provides enough time to become familiar with one before installing the next version.

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