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Non-graphics intensive uses of WPF

July 26, 2006
Bill says he is most interested in the addition of document flow that WPF brings.
He specifically mentioned these 2 scenarios which are tough today:
1) Printing an invoice
2) Displaying a non-spreadsheet looking set of data.
Personally, I think there are a bunch of great technologies that will make many scenarios easier to code…
Do you have things that you have found that fit into this same or similar category (non-graphics)?

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  1. Valentin permalink

    Yes, WPF is not all about video on a spinning cube.

    I have created a small library for displaying math equations ( ). It makes use of two WPF features I am excited about : the layout system and the flow document. 

  2. Chad permalink

    One of the features that I am excited about is the ability to create grids that render in a similar fashion to the way that grids/tables fashion in HTML.
    Traditionally, developing grids that render dynamically within a Windows application has been a bit cumbersome.  Grids are SO powerful and useful.  I\’m excited to see this coming.

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