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Web Apps, Vacation, Seafood, OneNote

July 29, 2006

Too many web apps still stink

Web Apps, and specifcally MSN Spaces, need to understand common operations (like deleting a bunch of spam trackbacks) and make it so each deletion doesn’t require a navigation.

Navigations drive me crazy.  1) Delay. 2) Scroll.

This is why several years ago Henry, Markus and I worked with a bunch of smart IE devs to build SmartNavigation for ASP.NET.  It still used navigation to communicate to the server application, but hid it from the user.

That team also built the IE Web Controls.


Had a great vacation

Went with the Family and friends to Provence, France for 2 weeks.  Had a great time.

My wife and kids went on to Ireland for another week afterwards…but I had to get back to work.

2 weeks vacation in a row is long for me.  After my kids were born, I did take 4 weeks of paternity leave…but outside of that, this 2 weeker is my longest since right after college.

Time off does help refresh you!

I’m taking this weekend to do a bunch of things around the house that need focus I don’t usually find with 2 boys running around.

I pick my family up  at the airport Monday night.


Environmentally friendly seafood

Cleaning up my home office, I ran into a Seafood Watch West Coast Seafood Guide that is a Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood.

If you live in the US, it looks like they have a Regional Seafood Guide for you.


Vista & Office & OneNote

My laptop is now reformated, with the July CTP build of Windows Vista and a build of Office 2007.

Vista is coming along nicely, but I have a bug that I need to file (screen saver doesn’t let me unsave…).


I’m using OneNote 2007 heavily for the first time.

They’ve added a bunch of great features.  Top features: great hyperlink support and great tagging support.

This is just going to increase my OneNote addiction!


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