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Reach Client, Smart Client: choices, choices.

August 17, 2006
Mark Feinholz is blogging from silicon valley about smart clients.
Mark and I have been talking technical about WPF via email for a few years.  We finally met a few months ago when he accompanied a customer he deals with to Redmond.  Pablo and I had a short chalktalk about WPF with them.
His Blog
I just caught up with him by reading his blog.  He is definitely touching on some important issues/questions.
In "Let’s Talk Reach" he profiles 4 types of client applications:
  1. Desktop.
  2. Smart Client
  3. Standards Reach
  4. Rich Reach
All reach clients run in the browser, but not all browser based applications are reach clients.  …many line of business client applications were built to run in the browser for reasons other than reach.
Slightly more amusing, in "Bricks and Clicks" he writes that: he ran into a Google employee in the Microsoft Silicon Valley office looking to "transfer" to microsoft.

One of the related things I’ve been wondering…how many ASP.NET style apps really should be built as XBAPs.  At TechEd, I seemed to run into a bunch of ASP.NET developers who were excited by the prospect of running rich client code right in the browser. 

What is right for LOB apps?



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  1. Abhas permalink

    The links dont seem to work properly. I think that for the links the website if wrong. It should be instead of

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks.  Fixed them.
    Not sure how that happened.  A bug in the new spaces blog poster?  My mistake?
    Sure thought I just used ctrl-k.  I\’ll pay attention next time.

  3. Kevin permalink

    On the face of it, virtually any intranet application would be better suited to being an XBAP.
    The brochureware can of course stay as HTM.

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