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Windows Live Writer

August 28, 2006

[May 31, 2007 Update: Beta2 of LiveWriter has been released]

A moment ago, I just did my first post with Windows Live Writer.  So far, I like it. 

Things I like:

  • Installed: I like having the richest experience possible with a great piece of software.
  • Editing Surface: The blending in of the Blog Title with the rest of the article in the editing surface.
  • More Robust: The fact that I will lose less blog posts using this software compared to running in the browser.


Things I don’t like:

  • Code Samples: I’d like to see better preservation of code sample formatting when pasted in.  They look beautiful in VS, but come into live writer unindented and they have lost their colorization. Update: I even tried CopyAsHtml (an addin for VS) but that didn’t improve things.
  • Linking: Creating a link to a previous post should be much easier.  Is "Insert Link" the best that it can do?   I want to grab a url by looking at a list of my previous posts in rich ways, finding the one I want via sorting, searching, etc… and then right clicking and saying grab link.  The link should have the blog title in a functional hyperlink.
  • Properties/Link: No clue what the View/Properties: Link text box does.  For a second, I thought it was a way to give your blog a URL…I would have loved that! [Added 8/29/2006]

I’ll try to post additional likes/dislikes over time as well…

Additional issues: (added 9/6/2006)

  • Post Cache is a problem – If I originally posted with Live Writer, but then modify with the web interface, I try to open it later via File/Open Post, but it seems to use the original post I had.  I would think that the software would even detect when I open a recent post that it was the latest content for the site.
  • Font control – I want font control – mostly for Consolas for code samples…
  • Preview in web site – it goes to my main page for previews…which doesn’t work well if I am editing a piece that is no longer on my front page.

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  1. Ian permalink

    For the code formatting, have you tried the old standby of copying from VS and pasting into Word, and then repasting from Word into LiveWriter?
    (I\’ve not tried Live Writer. It\’s just that the symptoms you describe are exactly the same as the symptoms you get pasting from VS into the MSHTML editing control in all its numerous guises, and this workaround works fine for all the other scenarios I\’ve seen this problem. Of course if Live Writer\’s not based around that control, then you have to wonder how it managed to come up with exactly the same bug!)

  2. Rob permalink

    I tried that workaround (with Word 2007 and Live Writer.)  No luck.
    I\’ll send the issue to the Live Writer team.
    Thanks, Rob
    P.S.  The comment tool wanted to call me No Name as well…I had to view my contact card, toggle the use my profile info checkbox several times, etc… and then I got it to use my real name.

  3. Michael permalink

    Hi Rob…I seem to recall that VS had an option to "Copy Special" which would allow you to copy something as HTML specifically so users could maintain syntax coloring for blogs and such. For the life of me I can\’t find that function, though. I even remember seeing a demo on it. Who knows, I could have imagined the whole thing. In any case, if you do a google search for "vs 2005 copy as html" you will see a bunch of VS plugins that will do what you want (which would seem to indicate that I did in fact imagine the whole thing).

  4. Rob permalink

    I just saw another user of LiveWriter…they had issues with styling…
    I don\’t do much in that area…

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