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Getting in touch with Michigan Crew Alumni

August 31, 2006
Rowing at Michigan
My 3 years rowing for the University of Michigan Rowing Team (1990-92) were some of the best times of my life.  I met great friends and we pushed ourselves to do amazing things.  I have a bunch of great memories.  I even met my wife.
Team History
The rowing team started in 1976 as a small club sport.  Our team has progressed over the last 30 years to be a very strong team.
The Women’s team has become Varsity, so they are extremely well funded now.  The Men’s team is still a Club sport…relying primarily on dues and fundraising to pay coaches salaries, buy expensive equipment, etc…
Me as an Officer
I poured time and energy into rowing more than I did my classes for a few years.  I was VP, in charge of fundraising, one year.  I helped start the Rent-a-Rower fundraiser…we’d do just about any yardwork, chore, etc… for $10 an hour.
My last year I was President of the team as well.
After 3 years of rowing, and putting so much of myself into the team, I decided I needed to actually graduate, so I didn’t row my senior (5th) year and took a very heavy class load.
Now, I am again trying to help the team reconnect with some of the Alumni that they have lost track of.  I am now in search of all of the class of 1992…
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  1. Unknown permalink

    Hey Rob, I am having a very busy afternoon at work reminiscing about Michigan Crew, and therefore googling all sorts of interesting related links, when I stumble upon this.  How nice.  How are you?  Where are you?  I\’d love to catch up & also find out if there is a list of alumni from our years.  – Rebecca Kreis

  2. Rob permalink

    Hey Rebecca-
    I\’m doing great.  I live in the Seattle area.
    Would love to catch up.  Please email me at Rob.Relyea at…

  3. mary permalink

    Hi Rob,
    I am a married teacher in Buffalo, NY attending a technology conference–presenter says microsoft and I do a little googling of your name and found this website.  According to the web, you and microsoft are doing some great things.  I, too, have very found memories of UofM and crew in particular.  I hope all is well with you, Becca and the rest of the gang.

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