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Screencast: IronPython and Snoop Mashup for WPF

September 8, 2006

Matt Griffith put together a great screencast about using IronPython (just released) and Snoop (WPF debugging tool) together to create and understand WPF objects.

My comments after watching it.

1) Extra code

Matt had an extra line of code which probably wasn’t necessary:

b.Content = TextBlock()

Which he followed with something like:

b.Content.Text = "Hi"

Unless IronPython doesn’t allow it (which I doubt), he could have just said:

b.Content = "Hi"

The end result would have been the same (however the TextBlock would have been created by WPF for you.)


2) New Features for Snoop

Snoop needs a refresh button and a console line for Python commands!


Great stuff Matt!


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  1. Rob permalink

    I learned from Peter Blois (Snoop\’s author) that:

    In Snoop, F5 refreshes the visual tree and if you use ctrl-shift to mouse over an element that is not in the tree, it’ll refresh automatically.

  2. nerddawg permalink

    Yes, b.Content = "Hi" does indeed work in IronPython. Jim Hugunin did a screencast with Jon Udell some time ago showing off WPF with IronPython.

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