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Xaml Pretty Printing

September 8, 2006

I’m doing a bit of work on Persisting Settings.  My sample (which I’ll publish in the coming weeks) allows you to use the Setttings object or XamlWriter for persistance.

XamlWriter, by default, loses most whitespace between elements when you write out XAML for an object.  In order to get around that behavior, if you value readable XAML, you can pass in an XmlWriter with Indent set to True on the XmlWriterSettings.

Code sample:

//XamlWrite settingsObject to settings.xaml

//Create a new StreamWriter. This file will be relative to the .exe
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("Settings.xaml");

//Create an XmlWriter to pretty print the XAML and
// close the stream when the xmlWriter is closed.
XmlWriterSettings writerSettings = new XmlWriterSettings();
writerSettings.Indent = true;
writerSettings.CloseOutput = true;
XmlWriter xmlWriter = XmlWriter.Create(sw.BaseStream, writerSettings);

//Save the settingsObject
XamlWriter.Save(settingsObject, xmlWriter);


Result without Pretty Print: (all on one line)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><ResourceDictionary xmlns="" xmlns:s="clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib" xmlns:x=""><s:Double x:Key="Window1Window1Left">700</s:Double><s:Double x:Key="Window1Window1Top">631</s:Double><WindowState x:Key="Window1Window1WindowState">Normal</WindowState><s:Double x:Key="WindowWidth">270</s:Double><s:Double x:Key="WindowHeight">238</s:Double><s:Double x:Key="Age">36</s:Double><s:String x:Key="FirstName">Rob</s:String></ResourceDictionary>

Result with Pretty Print:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ResourceDictionary xmlns="" xmlns:s="clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib" xmlns:x="">
    <s:Double x:Key="Age">36</s:Double>
    <s:Double x:Key="WindowWidth">270</s:Double>
    <WindowState x:Key="Window1Window1WindowState">Normal</WindowState>
    <s:Double x:Key="WindowHeight">238</s:Double>
    <s:String x:Key="FirstName">Rob</s:String>
    <s:Double x:Key="Window1Window1Left">700</s:Double>
    <s:Double x:Key="Window1Window1Top">631</s:Double>

Sorry! I guess that we didn’t pick a very good default here.

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  1. Guy permalink

    Hi what if the xaml Is custom control that need to work on and xbap ?


    And in the code behind I want to initialized this xaml and set a new handler for it.
    so …
    using System.Windows.Shapes;
    namespace rotatedCube
    public partial class rotateCube


    Control _rotateCube;
    public rotateCube()
    _rotateCube = new rotateCube();
    System.IO.Stream s = this.GetType().Assembly.
    //_rotateCube = this.
    //_rotateCube = xml . xa xaml initiliz(new System.IO.StreamReader(s).ReadToEnd());

    // Insert code required on object creation below this point.


    Got a little lost in the initialization of the xaml , and…
    with did the :
    public partial class rotateCube  // need to be inherited || could be inherited from window class
    and still work in xbap ?
    Or he don\’t need be inherited at all ?
    Or he need to be inhered from control ?
    Please any way to arrange this a little bit ?

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