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WPF/XAML Web News – 2006/09/09

September 9, 2006

I do a ton of reading web posts about WPF/XAML.  I’m going to start doing occasional posts summarizing things I found interesting.

Samples in WPF

Book Reviews – Applications = Code + Markup, Charles Petzold

See my WPF Books list.


  • The Braidy Tester, Fantasy Island? – Microsoft EID tester discusses how tests don’t need to change when you reskin WPF apps (even on the fly).  Discusses Logical Functional Model, automation stack, focusing on User Actions.
  • Simon Middlemiss, It’s over! – Shows an application that he wrote, Regatta Manager.  Sounds like he already used it in production.
  • WiredPrarie, Progress on my simple WPF Media Center… – Aaron is building a Media Center like interface in WPF.
  • WPF: Another darned revolution – Mike Gunderloy says "it’s not baked yet…it’s too big…it’s too microsoft centric…it’s just too soon."
  • BM Bloggers, Great Channel9 video in GUI testing – points to Ifeanyi Echeruo’s C9 video and discusses the accessibility API in WPF.
  • Nigel, WPF Demo Reel and My Code from Tech.ed – Great WMV available showcasing a bunch of WPF demos!
  • IRhetoric – Karsten Januszewski, Some Additional Pointers and Thoughts on RC1 – Calls the new Cider XAML/Designer split view…"like XAMLPad but with intellisense, color coding and more"
  • Coding Horror, The Power of "View Source" – Jeff Atwood has a great piece about how "Code Darwinism" helps developers.  How should WPF developers share source?  For published apps like Foo.xbap and Foo.application, should developers pick a well defined location to look for  Actually, downloading, organizing, building, running all these apps could use a little utility app…

Early Opinions of WPF

  • Incemental Blogger, Thoughts on WPF Development – C++ Dev, coding WPF for the last month, likes it.  Not many details about WPF, but writes about C++ and language choice.
  • Rory Primrose, WPF – The beginning – Developer for Australian Federal Police beginning a prototype with WPF.  Not many details yet…
  • Bob.NET 2005, Revolutionary WPF – Developer calls WPF revolutionary and talks highly of XAML, FlowDocument, and XPS.
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