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The Long Arm of Chris Anderson

September 14, 2006

Chris Anderson, no not the author of the Long Tail, but the Chris Anderson of .Net and WPF fame has released a few things from his upcoming book, Essential WPF. [Via Drew Marsh]

A WebSite

The Intro

A few pages of the introduction (in .XPS Format)


It will be a must read!


XPS Details

Getting an XPS Viewer

  • Installing Windows Vista RC1 or .Net Runtime 3.0 RC1 (on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003)  will give you an XPS viewer.
  • XPS Essential Pack B2 – has a viewer that works on Windows 2000 and Later.

What is XPS?



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  1. Chris permalink

    Thanks for the pointer to the new XPS viewer!

  2. I was playing around with the standalone XPS Viewer, then tried opening an XPS file within IE 7.  When I did, the system prompted me to download the .NET 3.0 Framework.  Do you know whether that\’s just a set of runtime components or will it download the entire framework?
    I\’m trying to understand what the system requirements will be for a new AJAX-based application that aggregates and normalizes documents in XPS format.

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