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XamlWriter, creating types to work well in XamlReader/Writer & sample XamlWriter

September 15, 2006

Mike Hillberg wrote up an article about XamlWriter.  It has many details about how your CLR based types should be defined to work well with XamlReader/Writer.

Seperately, a few customers have told us that XamlWriter is too slow, especially compared to XamlReaders perf.  Clearly, we’ve focused more energy on the Reading side of Xaml so far.  Luckily, XamlWriter is written on top of some lower level apis – MarkupObject, MarkupProperty, etc… – which I wrote a sample XamlWriter on top of.  My writer does less, but does those things faster.  (that same forum post has the code..)

On yet another forum post, there is a discussion about generatng XSD for custom types…in it, people are discussing the pros/cons of using XAML as a serialization format for types outside of WPF types.

Have a great weekend…I’ll try to resist the urge to code…  🙂


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