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WPF/XAML Web News 2006/09/18

September 18, 2006

This edition dedicated to New York Times Reader Beta Launch News…

New York Times Reader Launches, Read/Write Web

The next generation Times Reader desktop application, built by NY Times and Microsoft, has just gone live. At the end of August Read/WriteWeb published exclusive pre-launch screenshots of Times Reader, but now you can download the app and see for yourself. Note that it requires a Windows XP machine and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0. Once downloaded and installed, you will need to login to the application using your NY Times website username and password.

He goes on to give you a list of things to try out and shows a bunch of screenshots.

Interesting blog comments:

    • Most newspapers will need to revise their strategy. Integration between different media and different platforms will be essential. This move from the NY Times looks like somehting in that direction.
    • Ayoop Nigel; this fixed it (on XPSP2): uninstalling NYT Reader and .NET 3.0 (not sure which version exactly was installed) and reinstalling it with the version from the MS Download Centre; then, reinstall NYT Reader.

NY Times Reader Review, Mike Taulty

There’s a review up at Cnet on the New York Times Reader application. This is a WPF application that uses the richness of the PC to display content from the NYT with a better reading experience than you get in a browser.   …   It’s an interesting review because, whilst the author seems to like the application, the second half of the review seems to be centered around the ideas that;

    1. Rss Readers and web sites should free content creators from building dedicated applications.
    2. Users don’t want to run different apps for different content.

I must admit that I don’t really get that part of the review…

NYT Reader From Microsoft Starts Beta; Official Launch Slated For 2007,

I have a lot more looking to do but some notes from my first look:

– Downloading the app requires registration, even if you’re already a registered user of, but the site log-in info is used to access Times Reader’s content. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (I’m getting really tired of the requirement to install variations of .NET). The software is owned by Microsoft and licensed to users through NYTCO.

– I ran into some glitches after that with log-ins and syncing. I finally got it — a reboot may have helped — and so far can report it was worth the effort. — The first sync takes the longest but content is almost instantly viewable. The settings can be adjusted for updates and a time for daily syncing can be set. It’s completely cached for offline use.

– It’s the look and feel of the NYT with all sorts of digital extras, a balance between the Times online and off. Yes, it includes ads. It’s easy to scroll through sections fronts, through stories and through sections.

Times Reader created for T Rexes? TeleRead’s bumpy test drive of the NYT’s new reader, TeleRead

    1. Even on a desktop running at around three gigahertz, the Reader is slower than it should be. Yes, this is a beta. But since the reader is usable offline, I was hoping that clicked-on articles would appear instantly, working from a cache. No such luck, despite the stored files. Maybe this is because the Reader is still in beta. Perhaps the B word also explains why the Reader needed at least 50 seconds on my system from boot-up to the display of the reconstituted front page of the Times.
    2. While the final version of the Reader may end the software’s speed problems, it won’t do away with a design-related delay that this human suffers. My dream news reading software would show me a bunch of headlines in one swoop, rather than forcing me to scan across my screen.

Interesting discussion in comments between Kevin (one of the primary drivers of the Times Reader) and TeleRead.  Good feedback…

New York Times Reader Beta – First Thoughts,

Once you survive the painful install process, my early thoughts are that this hybrid service is a great step forward for the NYT in particular, and for the overall newspaper business in general

Thoughts worth reading from existing NYTimes subscriber + web reader.

New York Times – ‘Times Reader’,

The New York Times ‘Times Reader‘ was launched over the weekend and as Frank states in the title of his post  ‘A WPF Real World Application’.

Good summary and set of links to the discussion that is happening…

XBAPs for Live Apps?, Channel9

Now I’ve played with the NYTimes reader a bit I’m beginning to appreciate how much better the general responsiveness feels than even complex JavaScript on a website can provide.

So how about producing .xbap based optional alternatives to some of the live services, particulary those that feel really sluggish in their current javascript implementations?


Times Reader Review from

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