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Talking to customers about WPF

October 5, 2006

This morning our PM team got a request to talk to an important customer at our Executive Briefing Center.  I only had 30 minutes…I did all demo and discussion…no slides.

I have a ton of fun showing off what we built – telling how it helps users have a great experience!

What would you say?
If you only had 30 minutes to talk about WPF, what would you show?  What would you say?

My Follow Up Links
This was my quick follow up mail.  Times Reader should be installed first, since it installs .Net Framework 3.0 for you…

CUSTOMER NAME HERE – 2006/10/05 – WPF Briefing – Microsoft

Here is a list of demos that I showed during today’s briefing on WPF.  Perhaps you want to try the Times Reader out on the plane ride home?

· Financial Explorer Demo App running in the browser.

· New York Times – Times Reader

· Feature Montage demo
A technology demo of WPF that shows off Controls, Interop, Layout, Data, Text, Reading, Media, 3D

· XPS (Xml Paper Specification)
File format for fixed-format documents.  Embed the real data in your reports.  Have applications that make your reports come alive.

· Charles Petzold Book
Charles Petzold WPF book information, Including his XAML Cruncher application

· Other WPF Books (available soon)!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!113/

· WPF Community Site

Rob Relyea, Lead Program Manager
WPF Team (Windows Presentation Foundation)


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