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What I’m Working On

October 5, 2006

Improving XAML Intellisense
Improving the XSD Generator that helps with XAML Intellisense in an XML Editor.

This has taken way more time than I had imagined.  I’m making it so your custom .Net types can easily be represented in the middle of a WPF XAML page – with intellisense.

I’m making great progress…spending my "very early" morning time coding this 2-3 hours a day for the last week or so.  Now I can only hope that I don’t run into an XML Editor bug that prevents it from working.

Reviewing XAML Intellisense Spec
The Cider team is planning some great things that will eclipse the XSD based intellisense…

Community Engagement
Engaging with customers in person, on the WPF discussion forum, on blog posts.
May go to TechEd Barcelona…

Doing WPF vNext planning
Lots of choices of what the WPF focuses on in the coming months and years…

Random Apps (in the off hours)

  • Building a simple app that makes it easy to manage all your VS Solutions or Projects.
  • Building a simple app that makes it easier to go from a clean install of an OS, to a machine with all my tools and apps installed.


Having a blast…but too little time in the day!


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  1. Joe Wood permalink

    Great to hear that the XAML intellisense is still on its way.  It would be great to make this a custom build step.
    Re: vNext – will there be a survey so we can vote (maybe spend a virtual $1000 like we do at SDR meetings and the like)?
    I would vote for the interactive Visual Brush, layout animation (without invisible panels), some shader features (bump maps, algorithmic textures, basic particle systems), cursor driven data-binding (rather than ordinal index) and better performance (at least some additional metrics about when Avalon decideds to re-render a texture, mip-map a mesh etc).
    … and move the video playback support into the library and remove the media player dependency.  WMP should be using the OS library for playback – not the other way round.
    …and give us some more info about WPF/E.  Will it support flow documents? will third parties be free to develop accelerated versions? 

  2. WillSmith permalink

    What I hope hapens is that C++ will be supported by the VS tools.  C# is really the only option now with XAML.  C++/CLI is a great language.  When can we see some better support?
    The options now aren\’t very good.

  3. tressie permalink

    my comment is purely for entertainment purposes.
    I came here checking out people who had commented on Live Writer
    I am leaving 10 minutes later – didn\’t understand a single thing that I read 🙂   40+ years thinking i am so smart wiped out in 10 short minutes.  I even do a mean powerpoint.
    i have a single sis who\’s extremely bright – you single?? LOL
    I know I know – I have dispelled the dumb blond theory – some brunettes are idjuts too.  Have a great day!

  4. Rob permalink

    Tressie-Very funny.  Yes, I am a technology geek.  Don\’t let that dispell you…my customers are developers…so I talk in developer talk.
    But the work I do for Microsoft helps people like the Windows Live Writer team and the New York Times Times Reader team do their magic and make users happy.
    I am not single…sorry.  Very happily married w/ kids.  Thanks for asking. 🙂
    Thanks for leaving the post!

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