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.Net Framework 3.0 is shipping!

November 7, 2006

I’m here in Barcelona with a few of my teammates for TechEd 2006.  It is a very exciting day for us…this is the first event after Monday’s release of .Net Framework 3.0.

Our community site has a post that points towards all the things to install.

Yes, that is right…we are shipping!!!!

If you are here in Barcelona at TechEd or at DevConnections in Vegas, we have WPF team members on site.  We’d love to talk with you…please drop by our booth, hands on labs, sessions, etc…


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  1. Gumtoo permalink

    It\’s been more than a decade that i was waiting for a platform like this one.
    Congratulation for this \’integration dream\’ !

  2. Rob permalink

    I\’m sitting in my hotel room in Barcelona after 3 long days here at TechEd.  I love working with developers…it is always exhilerating! (sp?) 
    Thanks much!  It has been an amazing 5+ years for the WPF team.
    We love the platform we have built in partnership with so many great developer customers.
    This is a quick sketch with some interesting dates for the project…I should go do a little digging and do this more formally…lots of interesting twists and turns.  All the while, we had a great vision, and great customer feedback steering us the right way…
    January 2001 – team was official formed.
    December 2002 – we went on the road to ~4 customers and gave them laptops with an early preview.
    ~2003 – we do a preview to a larger set of developer partners.
    Summer 2003 – we rearchitected the whole system…whole new class hierarchy, relationship between ui, media, documents…
    Fall 2003 – we showed off "Longhorn" with "Avalon" built in to the the PDC in LA (with fires simering in the hills of LA…)
    ~2004 (?) – we announced that "WinFX" will ship on XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows "Longhorn".  Around this same, "Longhorn" is effectively restarted.
    March 2005 – we do a Software Design Review to a large room full of ISVs in building 20.
    Fall 2005 – PDC 2005 shows a more mature version of "WPF"
    Spring 2006 – We announce the rebranding of "WinFX" to .Net Framework 3.0
    Many public previews between Oct 2003 and November 2006.  3 years of Alphas, CTPs, Betas!
    November 6, 2006 – we ship downlevel!
    November 8, 2006 – we release Windows Vista to manufacturing!
    We\’ve done a lot of great things with WPF  We have a bunch of opportunities in the future to take it even farther – build great stuff.  Tell us where you\’d like us to go with WPF.  Lots of fun left.  I\’m excited as ever to continue to grow WPF/XAML to meet your needs!
    So, let\’s see what you\’ve got – unleash your great software to the world!

  3. Kevin permalink

    Congrats! Cool stuff.Will there be an EID release that goes along with the RTM WPF bits?

  4. Rob permalink

    Good quesiton.  A couple of answers:
    The Expression blog, the definitive source, has not mentioned anything.
    The Expression forum has had this question asked and answered.
    Thanks, Rob

  5. Gumtoo permalink

    The thing i like the most in the roadmap is the 2003 reachitecture. we all know the immense benefit we get when we can afford a second start. On my side of the platform, i like to think that it\’s been thought twice.It would probably be fun to have a look back at the 1st version today.
    >So, let\’s see what you\’ve got – unleash your great software to the world!I can\’t break the big secret, :] , but one thing i can tell is that it gonna be under the form of xbap eggs !
    Is there a central place to give you feedback on what we\’d like to see in future version in WPF ?3D being my thing, i\’d like to see some new features in this area.a few comes to mind.-a bridge to HLSL Hardware shaders (this is the big one!)-morphing mesh geometries.-classes to manipulate the object in a 3d scene, for navigation also.-squezze the maximum performance on the animation side.
    xaml being a standard way to serialize object tree, i\’d like to fully go that way and see the XamlWriter familly grow.something like the sample you gave on the forum, but just a little bit higher lever, so we don\’t need to manipulate strings. may be some way for design apps to organize in-memory objects to be able to xamlWrite with references, etc..( i might lack some knowledge on this persitance area )
    big thanks.

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