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Met with Tim Anderson at TechEd

November 10, 2006

Parimal (.Net Product Manager), Cyra (PM Lead now on the IE Team, but formerly on WPF for a few years) and I met with Tim Anderson on Thursday here at TechEd Barcelona.

We had only booked a halfhour, but we had a great discussion that lasted an hour.  It was nice to meet Tim in person.  Our paths have crossed in cyberspace, but there is nothing like a face-to-face.

One correction

I just realized last night that I gave one wrong answer.  Tim was asking about XamlRead vs BamlRead vs code creation of elements.  I had said there was no perf difference, except for startup time.  Baml and IL should be similar speed.  XamlRead at runtime is slower.

I was mostly right…We do have some differences in how ResourceDictionary works in XAML vs. BAML case.  If loaded via BAML, Resource dictionaries don’t instantiate the resources until they are demaned via a StaticResource or DynamicResource.  

In a XAML loaded ResourceDictionary, I don’t believe that we can demand load the individual resources…

Follow up

I’m digging into the one question I have to follow up on…Tim was curious about Font Embedding in XPS and applications.  I knew that Fonts are subsetted when embedded in an XPS document and they are included whole in the app case.

I just didn’t go real deep in how it works on the App side.  I’m following up with Chris Han and the rest of the Text team to figure out our story there…

Friday at TechEd

I’m going to be in the booth here from 10-12:30 today…and then I’m going to bike around Barcelona and see a few sites.  Too many beautiful places around here to miss.

I take off early Saturday morning in order to get back to my family…


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