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Scoble on Vista

November 13, 2006

The other day I saw a post that Scoble wrote about "First day of post-Microsoft sadness"

In it, he discussed Vista compared to our earlier vision for it:

The UI doesn’t look as cool. There isn’t any .NET code in Vista, which is a complete shift from what I saw back then.

Anyway, I posted a comment or two (#15, #19).  It is easier for me to find this if I record it in my blog…


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  1. Kevin permalink

    I\’ve heard that the Expression Designer series (particularly "Sparkle") is written in .NET3.0. Is this the case? Certainly not "part" of Vista, but proof that there are significant pieces of code using WPF.

  2. Rob permalink

    Yes, absolutely.  Expression Interactive Designer ("Sparkle") is completely written in WPF.
    Which is pretty cool, a major tool for the platform, is written in the platform.
    There is more to come in this space as well…stay tuned.
    Thanks, Rob

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