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Wind storm in NorthWest

December 18, 2006

As most people have probably heard, Thursday night the Seattle area was hit with a wind-storm that caused tons of power outages.

We were lucky to get power back at our house in a little less than 24 hours, but we were one of the few.  We spent the weekend with a bunch of guests for the day and/or night looking for some heat and electricity.

I tried coming to work on Friday for a meeting and some power…but Microsoft campus didn’t get power back until the weekend.  Today, campus is back on the power grid, but not a ton of people are around.  Things usually slow down anyway for the holidays around now.  Now, we have a few extra family members sharing the heat in MS offices.

People are generally looking for warmth during the day (at the mall, a movie theatre, etc…)…and often just cocooning in their beds for the nights.

My relatives in the area (including us) have 5 households.  As of Friday night, ours was the only one with power.  My Mom’s got power back on Sunday.  My brother, sister and mother-in-law are still without.  Hopefully it will come back on today for them.

The only good thing
This whole affair will generally help everybody become more prepared for emergencies…which is the only good thing about this whole event.  Why did we run that low on matches?  Why didn’t we have a little more firewood for an emergency?  Why did everybody have to make a run for gasoline?

There were warnings for this storm.  Some emergencies will come without advanced warning.

Happy New Year

Hope you are all warm and safe with family and friends for the Holidays and the New Year.


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    And visiting your Space – oh, where?
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    Perhaps you’re someone who will care.
    You’ll be surprised, I do declare.
    You’re more than welcome at my lair.

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