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January 6, 2007

I got an XBox 360 last year. I primarily used it as a media center extender initially. My kids now like to play soccer + lego star wars. I’m playing a car racing game (pgr3). I’m not a huge gamer… yet.

Earlier this week I started doing exercise between each game. Today I began researching XBox exercise options:

controllers stop working unless exercising

personal trainer for xbox


Going to keep researching …I’m interested is both concepts…

Nintendo Wii like controllers would also be interesting for exercise… but I’m not sure if that would be as good exercise as there other 2 ideas?


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  1. Lauren permalink

    Yourself Fitness is fabulous. I wrote a blog post about it shortly after I got it: The workouts are actually quite challenging, and definitely convenient when you don\’t have time for the gym. If you\’d like, I\’d be happy to loan it to you so that you can try it out before purchasing.
    Another option that is actually great for exercise is Dance Dance Revolution — although it\’s a bigger investment because you need the dance pads in addition to the game.

  2. Joe Wood permalink

    I didn\’t think DDR worked on the 360.  The new version is due this month:

  3. Richi permalink

    Its a fake, look at …. that is not Microsoft !!!

  4. Richi permalink

    Sorry, here is the link xbox-ercise

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