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Countdown to Vista

January 25, 2007

I just put the Vista launch countdown gagdet on my blog and my Vista sidebar…

Midnight shopping?

On August 24th, 1995 I lived in Chicago and worked for Microsoft.  It was fun being part of that launch and going out at midnight and seeing the excitement that Windows 95 brought.

Now, having helped build Windows Vista, I’m excited to yet again head to the stores at midnight…


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  1. Robert permalink

    I remember the exciting days leading up to the release of Windows 95. On the appointed day, my friends and I braved the lines and snagged a copy of Windows 95. We also picked up a RC car with the logo on it.
    To top off the day, Angelina Jolie was in the store.
    I\’m already running Vista RTM. Since I don\’t need another RC car and the likelihood of to running into Angelina is close to zip, I guess I\’ll just skip the shopping fun on launch day.

  2. Rob permalink

    I didn\’t have quite that much fun…just stopped by a store or two in Oakbrook Terrace.  No celebrities for me.
    In 1995, did we make the developers head to the stores to get their own copy?
    Or did they somehow still get their hands on copies before that date?

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