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“WPF Unleashed” – Adam Nathan’s book is out…

January 28, 2007

This weekend, I’ve been enjoying digging into Adam Nathan’s "WPF Unleashed" (see my list of WPF books).  I’m on chapter 7.  I’d love opinions from the developers of the world.  I’ve run across a few reviews…all positive.  (I just read the reviews at Amazon…people are loving it!  Congrats Adam.)

I take notes when I read a book on WPF and try to evaluate things that we should change or things that I think the author got a bit wrong.  So far, Adam has pointed out several things that we can improve on.  Almost halfway into the book and I don’t think I’ve run into any factual errors. 

I like his order of topics, his approach to the topics and his focus on digging deeper.  I do like being able to see what the code and/or xaml creates – lots of good illustrations.

What are your thoughts about the book?


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  1. substrate9 permalink

    I love it – its a great WPF book. I tend to do most of my learning from book (along with playing to cement what i read), and this one has really flattened that infamous WPF learning curve.
    Also, its so readable that i\’ve made the mistake of reading at night in bed – the problem is that i\’m usually so excited by the potential in WPF that i have trouble sleeping afterwards (not sure what that says about me!).

  2. Corrado permalink

    Adam\’s book is personally the best book on WPF I\’ve read, not only it covers all aspects w/o tons of lines, but also touches interesting aspects not mentioned elsewhere.The book is very pleasant to read and, most of all, it has colors and pictures! 🙂

  3. Unknown permalink

    HTML clipboard Home User – Profile – Archives – tags
    – blogs

     K O R A
    –  kaka


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