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TV News App from ITN!

February 1, 2007

I saw Mike Taulty mention:

ITN (UK News) has a new Video Player for their News stories available from – there’s a WPF Application (deployed by ClickOnce! Hooray!!!) which has some resizable video and there’s also a Sidebar gadget as well.

Very nice app.  Very simple UI.  Good use of animations.  Nice use of Flow Documents to show you most of the text of the video snippet you are watching.  I like the fact that the video is resizable (see the little blue rectangle in the bottom right.)

Some feedback after a few minutes of use:

INSTALL: Although they appear to be a full trust installed app, i don’t think they are actually installing themselves in the start menu.  I would want them there.  In order to launch again, I had to go find the link to the .application.

KEYBOARD: I want better keyboard navigation.  Times Reader for instance allows you to use all 4 arrow keys to go to next/previous article and to next/previous page.  ITN should do something similar here.

APP SETTINGS: When I close the app, it didn’t remember my window size/location or my resize of the video control.

SIDEBAR/APP: The sidebar gadget doesn’t seem to launch into their stand alone player.  It seems like you would want that.

Great stuff…I look forward to hearing other opinions.

One Comment
  1. ShockStump permalink

    Thanks for the feedback Rob,
    We built the app on behalf of ITN, starting from zero WPF knowledge, and with the rather immoveable deployment date of Jan 30th, so a few features didnt make v1.0, including most of the points you make above.
    Luckily, being deployed using ClickOnce, it should be seamless to slip in these new features sometime soon 😉
    Sherwin Rice
    Fernhart New Media Limited

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