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Ribbon Control for WPF from DevComponents

February 7, 2007

I was happy to be pointed to this announcement by DevComponents by Marc Schweigert, a MS Developer Evangelist in D.C.


Very interesting reading behind the Office Team’s design of the Ribbon is on Jensen Harris’ blog.

Many folks find that building apps that look and work like Office is well received by their users…


A list of some other tools and controls for WPF can be found on Mike Swanson’s blog.

  1. Donald permalink

    Hey Rob, as always great info about WPF on your blog. I wanted to let you know about a WPF/WPFE centric design group that is forming here in Michigan, aimed at designers and the programmers that interact with designers..
    I would like to let the great lakes Microsoft office know in hopes that we can get participation by regional Microsoft folks as well as maybe getting some group promotion and the word out about it.
    Anyway thanks and keep those great articles coming..
    -Don Burnett (
    —————————- cut here ———————————————-You are invited to attend the inaugural meeting of a new group (MIDaS)
    Michigan\’sInteractiveDesignersandSoftware Development Date: February 27, 2007Time: 6:30PMLocation:  Frenchie\’s56 E. Cross St.Ypsilanti,MIPhone: (734) 483-5230
    The group\’s focus is Interactive Design for the Microsoft Interactive designers who are looking to design great user experiences: Our first meeting will feature:
    • An overview of Expression Web (featuring a walkthru of it\’s features and creating a website). Expression Web is a new Microsoft product, centered around design using web standards.
    • Cool applications created with Expression Blend (Microsoft\’s WPF Interactive Design Program)
    • A look at designer\’s already using Expression and the applications they are creating.
    •\’s Snowboard WPF Application (3D, Video, and GPS integration)
    • The Otto Online Shopping Experience (a WPF 2d/3D shopping app from the folks who own Crate and Barrel).
    • A look at the WPF Design Process
    • A review of the WPF/E cross-platform February CTP and discusssion about adding WPF/E video to your website and a discussion of the VC-1 high definition video codec that can be used with WPF/E.
    • Open Question and Answer session for people wishing to enhance their design skills. We will with audience participation attempt to answer questions on popular topics like Photoshop, Expression Design, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Flex, Xaml, XML, and others.
    Please note while the meeting is free to attend Frenchie\’s is donating space for the meeting and will be offering food and drink for the meeting for sale. We\’d like to get an idea if you are attending or not so we can appropriately reserve enough space. please email us to let us know you are attending:
    We highly recommend that you come to the meeting and order something for yourself to eat or drink at the meeting so that we can keep the meeting space available to us for future meetings for free for the group. The food from SideTrack/Frenchies is great and they have a world famous burger that just can\’t be beat.
    ————————— Cut here ———————————————

  2. Rob permalink

    Great to see about your group.  Love Michigan: I grew up in Southfield and went to school in Ann Arbor.
    I\’ll try to send an email pointer to somebody in the office there.
    Thanks for WPF-ing!

  3. dudu permalink

    Why we are not creating a beutiful set of control like that , maybe for "Orcas" ?

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  5. Unknown permalink

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