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What is my name and how do you pronounce it…

February 13, 2007

First Name
I saw a comment the other day on Tim Sneath’s post about FNAC that referred to me as Tom Relyea.  No biggie.

Now today, I see it again here.  (Cool work at that post by the way…)

My first name is “Rob”.  I’m not sure where all the Tom references are coming from???

Last Name
As long as I’m at it…I’ll talk about how to pronounce my last name, as it is difficult to get correct: Relyea is 2 syllables.  “Rel” as in Relish and “Yea” as in Yeah team.

Relyea is French in origin.  I grew up thinking I was 50% French and 50% German.  Now that I have done more genealogy work (since I’ve started a family) my French percentage shrunk to less than 10%, in exchange for some English, Irish and more.  The German shrunk as well to somewhere between 35-45%.


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  1. Michael permalink

    It feels good to have confirmation that my inner reading voice has pronounced your name properly all this time. I keep getting an image of Scooby Doo trying to say Hell Yeah (in his scooby accent turning it to Relyea).

  2. Ontogen permalink

    Corrected it, sorry for that. Wonder as well where it came from, must be somewhere around I\’m sure. Am half-half French/German as well and people find fancy nicknames for me too. Bad karma maybe 🙂

  3. Rob permalink

    I\’ve never thought about the scooby pronounciation.  🙂
    No problem.

  4. Debi Relyea Holzer permalink

    Pretty sure I pronounce your name correctly 🙂

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