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Tracking down memory leaks in a WPF Application

February 15, 2007

Keywords: Memory Use Increasing, .Net, WPF, Memory Leak

Internal Thread…read from bottom:

From: Tim
This is something [User] should do – this isn’t in WPF code (if it were, we’d have a lot more loud customers and tests failing).  Rico has a pretty good post on using CLRprofiler to track these down:

From: Adam
Here’s the link:

The included doc has great documentation for tracking down memory leaks.

From: Tim
You can use ClrProfiler to take snapshots of your app at two different points (e.g., before & after you create a bunch of these), to show you which objects are hanging around….

From: User

I improved the function as follow:

Void Execut()



CustomCanvas canvas = new CustomCanvas();





But the working set size still increased slowly.

If I deleted the code line “CustomCanvas canvas = new CustomCanvas();”, the working set size arrived a fixed value after a while.

Constructor function of CustomCanvas invoked function of InitializeComponent which was generated by compiler.

If constructor function didn’t invoke InitializeComponent, it’s ok.

InitializeComponent invoked System.Windows.Application.LoadComponent.

Who will give me a hand?

From: User
I write test code for WPF application.

One thread continues to call a function which just new a customized Canvas.

Void Execut()


CustomCanvas canvas = new CustomCanvas();


It is very strange that the Working Set continue to increase.

Canvas contains an unmanaged resource?


From → WPF

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