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How to handle XP machines w/o .Net 3.0?

February 17, 2007

Marcelo writes that IE7 will trigger .net 3.0 install (with user approval) when you navigate to a .xaml file.  Did you know it will also do this for .xbap, .application or .xps files?

That reminds me of another internal thread recently on the subject (read bottom up).  How can we make this better?


From: Ashish
Yes that’s the canonical approach for detection via user agent string. I think the RTM version was 3.0.04506.26.

Extended guidance on framework deployment and other detections methods is here.


From: Rob Relyea
I believe that this should be our guidance for building an application that can help deploy the .Net Framework 3.0 for XP users.

Ashish should confirm:

1) Detect if version 3.0.04506.26 or later is installed. (corrected the version number based on Ashish’s feedback)

a. If yes, navigate (or present a link) to an .xbap or .application file.

b. If no, detect the browser type

i. If ie7, you can still use the (1a) technique …since it will install the framework.  Realize however, that the experience is not very well branded for the application you are trying to install.  One should consider using (1bii) as it will be a better branded experience.  I believe people are more interested to know about “Your App” than the “.Net Framework 3.0”

ii. If ie6, you should provide a setup.exe that knows how to install the framework and then launches the .xbap or .application.  This setup.exe can be created by VS’ Publish feature.


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  2. Nick T permalink

    Hey Rob,Just to let you know.  A month ago, we changed the Times Reader install to check for the proper version of .Net 3.0 and I initially had it checking for 3.0.04506.26 or higher.  We were quickly recieved emails from people who had versions numbers 3.0.04506.14 and 3.0.04506.18.  Pablo Fernicola was the one who help me determine what was going on.  I\’m assuming this these versions must have been internal Microsoft RTM builds or "early adopters" builds.  To be on the safe side our installers now check for version 3.0.04506.00 or higher.-Nick Thuesen

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