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All blog renderings should be easily referable: Title w/ Link

February 25, 2007

Windows Live Spaces and many other blog sites should make the blog title be a hyperlink, so that it is simple to refer to a blog post.

It was easy on Tim’s site:

[note: I just noticed that Tim’s site ( has those nice links when you look at several posts at one time (, but doesn’t have that nice link when you go to see one post.]

On my blog, currently hosted on Windows Live Spaces, I generally need to do several steps:

  • If not viewing a post specific URL, click on Permalink at the bottom of the post.
  • Copy Title and paste it to destination
  • Copy Url from Address bar
  • Select title in destination, press ctrl-k, paste in URL


Has anybody wrote a set of guidelines for blog post renderings yet?


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  1. Kevin permalink

    You want permalinks – usually there is a link to a page accompanied by a persistent id that the post can be retrieved by and displayed at any later date (more or less) , or something like that.
    You don\’t have them in the heading on the page when you\’ve selected the individual entry because that would only redispay the same post.

  2. Rob permalink

    Yes I want permalink…but I want the content of that <A /> to be the title of the post, not "Permalink".
    Thx, Rob

  3. Kevin permalink

    Agreed…That\’s a bit sloppy on the part of the blog engine.
    (Sorry, I was half asleep when I read this post this morning).

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