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RUB: Refresh, URL and Back — for browser hosted apps

February 25, 2007

An interesting discussion has popped up on Ryan Stewart’s post about user expectations for browser based applications.

In a comment, Yaniv Golan brings up RUB…Refresh, Url and Back — saying that they should always work.

I agree that applications should work well with RUB.

When writing an XBAP, I believe you have full control over Refresh and Back…i believe you can listen to navigation events and distinguish those actions from other navigations. 

Today, you can’t change the URL showing in the address bar without doing a real navigation.  You can provide seperate URI to allow a user to navigate to a place in your application though…

Has anybody attempted to do this with their XBAP yet?  Seems like a good example to publish…

[Note: has a recent related post about XBAPs and querystring parameters]

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