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Some people think WPF apps are all 3d and run only on Vista

March 5, 2007

I was excited to see "Putting the graphic artist in the loop" up on the Register by David Norfolk.

A few nice paragraphs in the beginning, but a couple of problems with the article:

Yes, our 3D integration is great, but WPF != 3D only

"Joubert is obviously impressed by Microsoft’s sleek new 3D look and feel, but seems to see its 3d capabilities as more about impressing the marketplace than about providing anything that the Enterprise really needs"

WPF runs in XP SP2 or later, not just Vista.  The question isn’t when Vista will be important in the enterprise, it will be "when will WPF apps deliver great value to enterprises":

"And Joubert doesn’t expect Vista to be important in the Enterprise for some time – perhaps not until around 2010 –"


UI, Media, and Documents
One major benefit of WPF is that it provides an integrated markup and programming model for: Controls + 2D Graphics + 3D Graphics + Mediia + Documents.  We often refer to that as: UI, Media and Documents.

  1. Kevin permalink

    I was once confidently assured by a manager that colour would never have any conceivable place in a business application, despite the fact that it\’s one of the major ways humans obtain information from their environment.I think some people believe that if it isn\’t ugly and plain it isn\’t serious (which suggests that the business suit isn\’t just a crappy form of clothing, it may also act as a mind virus 🙂 ).
    Among the things which I think will eventually win over the Enterprise are for instance the databinding facilities in WPF – I\’m still boggled at how easily they shorten the distance from data to eyeballs.
    Don\’t tell them it\’s WPF (what would they care anyway?), just show them the results (OK, there\’s still the matter of that 50m download, but that\’s where Vista is our friend).

  2. Steve permalink

    The confusion that I have is whether all 3D features of a WPF app will work under XP SP2, Vista\’s Basic UI, and Vista\’s Aero Glass UI.  I have a laptop that only supports Vista\’s Basic UI, and there are some apps that do not run under this.  I\’m not sure if they are WPF apps or not.  Is there a distinction between these 3 UI schemes as far as WPF is concerned?

  3. Rob permalink

    I believe that 3D anti-aliasing work only under Vista (3d rendering is of higher quality).  Other than that, WPF\’s capabilities in the 3d space don\’t differ in those 3 situations. 
    It sounds like you might just have app compatibility problems with Vista…nothing that you say makes me think WPF.  Have you checked with your application provider to see of compatibility issues with Vista…perhaps they have updates or workarounds.
    Thanks, Rob

  4. James permalink

    good \’business\’ ui programming isn\’t color or the absense of color. In fact good ui programming altogether should be basing color off of system colors that the user has defined. Some users have accessibility concerns so you shouldn\’t railroad them into your color scheme.
    It is possible your manager was meaning to point this out.
    read this: 
    i found it useful.

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