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Energy Conservation: Bulbs and Tankless Water Heater

March 9, 2007

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Shortly after I posted about Energy Conservation, I replaced about a dozen bulbs in the house with Compact Fluorescent bulbs.

Flood Lights

This week, I replaced 9 flood lights (65w each) in my kitchen and main hallway with much more efficient but similar amounts of light Feit High Heat EcoBulb® R30 Reflector bulbs (15w each).  (I bought them at Lowes or Home Depot when I stumbled on them the other day.)

  • 4 lights in the hallway now use 60w total instead of 260w.
  • 5 lights in the kitchen now use 75w total instead of 325w.

Dimmable Flood Lights

I just placed an order for 10 GE R30 Dimmable Flood lights for the rest of the flood lights in my kitchen.

Tankless Water Heaters

Several years ago when our water heater failed, we replaced it with a natural gas powered tankless water heater.  Now, this past week, as part of a kitchen remodel in our weekend place, we moved to an electric powered tankless water heater.  We no longer pay to keep water hot, until we need hot water.


No progress on my car…I have read about bio-diesel and hybrid and other things in the future.  The new wave of low emission diesels seem promising, but most car manufacturers are waiting until 2008 to deliver cars capable of dealing with that fuel.

I love the sound of a plug-in hybrid like the Chevy Volt.  It seems like controlling emissions at a electricity plant is easier to do than on millions of cars.

One thing I’ve wondered about is the impact on frequency of car purchases impacts the environment.  My current car isn’t terribly efficient, but would the environmental impact of building a new car for me be worse than my inefficiency?

I’ll keep reading about new developments on AutoblogGreen.


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  1. nerddawg permalink

    Love the conservation but what about the mercury from those fluorescent bulbs, Rob? 🙂 Seriously, do Lowes or Home Depot provide recycling facilities?

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks Ashish!  I looked into this…Lowes/Home Depot – no idea.  But Seattle and Bellevue have household hazardous waste facilities that take CF bulbs, batteries, etc…  More detail in this follow on post:!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!1715.entry

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