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HDView Comparisons

March 10, 2007

JD (of Adobe) doesn’t like that MS Research’s HDView project (that I pointed to the other day) runs in IE only.

He points to Hal9000, a Flash app, that is also rendering mega-zoomable experiences.


My usability thoughts:

  • HDView: resizing the browser window will resize the size of the picture, not so for the Hal9000 solution…it seems to like ~800 x 600
  • HDView: the scroll wheel works…and has a smooth transition, Hal9000solution doesn’t.
  • Hal9000: clicking on a place in the photo zooms in (but with no transition effect).
  • Both: escape key works the same on both…zooms you all the way out.  Like that.
  • HDView: has a nice feature to remember the URL of a specific view.

[update: ok, forgot about this…but I just reran Hal9000] Hal9000: loud intro with the "skip" offer…I couldn’t hit skip and sound off fast enough!


What I think works best for these kind of things is:

1) information publishers should publish in open formats, instead of locking people into only one front end or web experience (don’t just create a closed web site)

2) viewers (in browser or out of browser) can grow based on user needs.  If the data is critical/interesting enough, people will build lots of great viewers.


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