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XNA packaging solution

March 10, 2007

If somebody is both a WPF and XNA developer, I’d love your summary of the "Developer sharing" content from this post.  Is this just making it easy to zip up a project and share it?  or is it a deployment strategy for XNA games?

Does it make you recommend anything for WPF projects?


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  1. Adam Hill permalink

    That is a deployment option that XNA devs will have in April. Currently you compile source and deploy to the 360. MS is wanting to help foster a community marketplace for XNA games without requiring you give source code away, enabling shareware.

  2. Unknown permalink

    For casual game developers, for which XNA no doubt is very interesting, you\’d think Microsoft would look into ability to create XNA game project that would limit the namespaces and methods in IntelliSense so that by using the reduced namespaces you could create a game that still could use pixel shaders but would be possible to one click start from web site or deploy into some live arcade style game directory with community features built around it.
    So: Easier tools to create and integrate safe shader code that can run without any security related pop ups and simple no-elevation, no-installation deployment.

  3. Michael permalink

    Basically the Developer Sharing capabilities will allow me to build a binary and share that with other members of the XNA Creators club. Currently, I have to give other creators club members the source of my game and they would build and deploy that to their 360. Other than deploying to the 360 I think we can already do all of that with WPF.

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