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Windows Vista has Nice Games

March 12, 2007

There has always been a large gap between the games built into Windows and those that you could buy for Windows.  I’m impressed with the games in Windows Vista.  A major improvement over what we had before!

A partial list:

  • FreeCell: sizes to my screen, has sound and better animations…a much better experience.
  • Chess Titans: my son just played this last night…nice 3d interface, helps the user understand what moves are available.  The all important feature: undo.
  • Hold Em: This comes as a downloadable Ultimate Extra if you get "Vista Ultimate" edition.


Without doing a thorough analysis, all the games seem to be able to do:

  • adaptable sizing
  • saving your game automatically, and restarting at the same place
  • sounds, animations – to make the experience more lifelike


Do you have any new favorite games?  How about features that the games did?  What else would you want to see?

Me – I’d want to be able to play Hold ‘Em on the network against opponents…


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  1. Kevin permalink

    Mahjong (sp?)
    That was the only thing I missed about OS 2/Warp, and I was delighted to find it in Vista. It\’s a great game to play and beautiful to look at.

  2. Debbie permalink

    I agree with Kevin. I love Mahjong. I am so glad that it is included. One of the things I loved (the most) about installing any distribution of Linux was that it came with Mahjong. Now I can quite happily have just the one OS on my PC.
    I miss Pinball though. I loved playing Pinball…
    Holdem Poker is pretty good too. Playing against other online people (with an accumulated money count) would be great!

  3. Rob permalink

    I never would have guessed that Mahjong is Microsoft\’s most important tactical move to combat Linux.  🙂
    Thx, Rob

  4. Unknown permalink

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