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Xaml Vector Icon Library

March 12, 2007

Scalable UIs

WPF offers the potential to scale any part of your user interface to user preferences.  Replace your bitmaps with vector art, provide some sizing options for your UI, and you are golden.


New Xaml Vector Icon Library Available

Looks like Grafile is offering a free set of Windows Vista Toolbar xaml vector files:


They are also selling a bunch of other xaml vector icons: world flags, files and folders, documents, etc…


This is the first comprehensive set of xaml icon files I’ve seen…seems like they also offer bitmap, photoshop, illustrator, freehand, or flash.


How does Blend offer scaling of the UI

Tools/Options in Microsoft Expression Blend provides the "Workspace zoom" value, which can be changed via typing or by clicking in the box and moving the mouse up or down.


Opening the icons in WPF/E

The icon I tried in WPF/E Feb 2007 CTP needed a few minor tweaks to work happily.

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> couldn’t be present
  • The first line couldn’t be blank
  • MarkupCompatibility namespace (created by Blend) had to be removed.

We should be able to improve those things…


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  1. Kevin permalink

    Hi Rob. Does Microsoft have any plans to provide a palette of vector icons? Seems like it would be really helpful for those bootstrapping WPF development.

  2. Rob permalink

    I\’m not aware of any effort like that…but yes, it would probably make sense for VS or Blend or the SDK to do something like that.  For now, assume it is no…but I\’ll pass your inquiry around.
    Thanks, Rob

  3. Kevin permalink

    Thanks Rob. The VS2005 team provided a great set of bitmap icons – maybe the Orcas team can do the same for the WPF world. Definitely would help out the small shops and micro-ISVs for whom hiring a professional designer is a costly proposition.

  4. Oran permalink

    Hi Rob, I\’ve been checking their website for the past several days, but the zip file download link has been broken the whole time.  Is there another location to download this icon library?

  5. Brian permalink

    The Grafile XAML icons look great and are a great price, but they\’re kind of a pain to work with.  Most of them are 800×600 and have a bunch of space around the icon.  Just wrapping the XAML in a Viewbox doesn\’t always work to scale the icon.  Often times widths must be removed or changed too.
    Hopefully Grafile will work on these things down the road and provide more usable XAML.

  6. Rob permalink

    Please give that feedback to Grafile so that they can improve the way they have built them.
    Thanks, Rob

  7. Joshy permalink

    ArtistsValley has some great professional icons. They do XAML icons too at a great price!

  8. Grafile 2012 Expression Collections Ready
    Xaml, Graphics Design formats included
    Microsoft Expression Design (.design) XAML Silverlight 3 Canvas, XAML WPF Resource Dictionary, (.xaml), XAML Silverlight 4/WPF Canvas, (.xaml)

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