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When to stop doing intro WPF talks?

March 15, 2007

IanG is wrestling with how to title the Pluralsight WPF Course he wrote – it used to be Introducing WPF.

I have similar issues with talks that I do…for example this years TechEd, I’ll be doing a Lap around WPF…something I’ve been doing since PDC 2003.  How do people think TechEd like events should change?  When?

I still feel like there are many people to reach!



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  1. Unknown permalink

    When to stop? Don\’t! I think what you have to make sure you do is keep the information updated (talk about the new design tools) and make sure people realize it\’s an intro sessions. As long as you don\’t lose sight of the fact that these are still intro talks, you\’re good!

  2. Rob permalink

    At some point these intro talks are going to turn into "what new in this version"… my big question is about TechEd\’s specifically.  How many attendees there are repeat attendees…what % have already seen the wpf intro, etc…
    Thx, Rob

  3. Kurt permalink

          I would say for technical conferences such as TechEd and PDC it makes sense to move away from the "intro to WPF" talks to the "what are people doing with WPF" direction.  To me the longer we do the intros the longer we drag out true adoption.  I think it\’s ok to have the "intro" talk in the back pocket in case people have not yet heard, but more technical talks and partner talks about real world WPF adoption is what will help move the platform forward.  Leading with intro talks gives the feel that the technology is still not ready for prime time.

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