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March CTP of VS “Orcas”/Expression Blend – running notes

March 16, 2007

These issues may be known already and might even be fixed already, but this is my running log of VS "Orcas" issues as I do WPF development.  I plan to keep updating this post…  (maybe you could post your own list of detailed feedback to the VS team?)

[Remember: I’m focused on any problems or wishes i find/think of…not focusing on good things in this post.  I love Orcas and I want to see it get as good as possible.]


My Scenario

What am I building? A tool to convert XAML to Code. (link for picture, etc…)


VS "Orcas"


  • It doesn’t filter the list of valid attribute based on those already set.
  • Intellisense doesn’t suggest custom types in the project that match the content model…for example UserControl1
  • Ctrl-K/D doesn’t reformat my xaml
  • If I edit xaml while the app is debugging, then press f5, i expect it to run…it is already running, but i don’t get any feedback (i’m using dual monitors and the app is running on the other monitor…maybe it is becoming active).  this feels different than code…but i don’t have time to analyze now…just want to write it down.

Property Grid in WPF Designer

  • More Properties: BitmapEffect/BitmapEffectInput/SnapToDevicePixels
    • is the second set of properties in Cider….deempasize BitmapEffects…they aren’t hardware accelerated!
  • Brushes show up in the property grid as "#FF00FF" instead of "Blue"…that is likely BrushConverter’s (in WPF) fault…can it be worked around in the WPF Designer?
  • Would love to have Search like Blend…without that, really want alphabetical…would prefer search though.

VS Item Templates

  • Add New Item – Custom Control Template gave error: "this template attempted to load an untrusted component "WinFxCustomControlTemplateWizard"…


  • [Just got this to work…not sure what the issue was before???  will keep my eyes open.] Can’t seem to find how to create a Watch variable in debug mode (or before I run)

 WPF Designer

When I edit simple styles.xaml in xaml editor (which is merged into app.xaml via a RD) window1.xaml doesn’t show those effects.

Expression Blend

 (right now, I haven’t installed the RC yet…will do that soon and recheck all these issues)

  • I already have a style set targetting all TextBoxes, I try to edit a copy of a controltemplate of a textbox, it doesn’t offer to add that Template to the existing style. 
  • I wanted to edit the SimpleTextbox style (in a ResourceDictionary xaml file)…doesn’t seem possible with the designer.


I’ll put things that need to be made easier here:


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