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SideBar shortcut key: windowkey + space

March 16, 2007

When I want to know the date, I now just press windowskey + space, which brings the sidebar to the top of the screen and shows me my nice date gadget.

With XP, if I recall, I think I used to double click the clock.

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  1. James permalink

    Have you found a way to escape it again? The problem for me is that once Sidebar has the focus, it\’s harder than I\’d like to switch back to what I was doing.I want to press escape, but that doesn\’t do anything. Alt-Tab almost works, except that it\’ll try to switch to the second window in the list, which would only be the thing to do if the first window was the one with focus. It isn\’t, as Sidebar doesn\’t appear on that list. Win-Tab works, but only with needless shuffling of the windows (which is cool when I want it, but when I\’m not trying to get back to what I was doing). I really wish there was a way to make Alt-Tab behave like XP (no desktop, same ordering as XP in presence of Always on Top windows, not confused by windows that don\’t appear in the taskbar).On the subject of Sidebar: do you know of a way to get rid of its system tray icon? I don\’t really see what it\’s for, and I don\’t want to simply hide it until I click the arrow either. Ditto the SyncCenter icon, which decided to lodge itself there when I redirected my profile\’s \’Music\’ folder to a network share.

  2. Rob permalink

    I guess I\’ve always used my mouse…but I\’m happy you\’ve raised my awareness to that.
    Experimenting, I found that alt-esc seems to work…
    I don\’t know why escape itself doesn\’t.  Hopefully on purpose…
    I\’ll point out these comments to the right people on the sidebar team.

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