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WPF Apps are easy to install

March 28, 2007

Ryan Stewart recently commented that:

I keep being impressed by how easy WPF applications are to install. I know Adobe focused on this for a long time, and it paid off very well for them. Microsoft has finally gotten it right, and WPF apps are easy to get from the web to your desktop. 

Make sure you post your WPF applications (or even just simple examples) as .application/.xbap when possible and work with your ISP to do the right thing to prepare:

Windows Vista: What Should WebSite Hosters Do?


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  1. Jason permalink

    When I try to install click-once applications, nothing gets installed on my machine.  One example is the application here:  When I click this link, a new browser window pops up for a couple of seconds, but then closes and nothing runs on my pc.  Any ideas?

  2. Rob permalink

    Which browser are you using?  Which version?  Which OS?

  3. Jason permalink

    I am using IE 6 on Windows XP SP2. 

  4. Kevin permalink

    Something I\’ve been meaning to ask about this is whether people are able to run .xbaps (or other ClickOnce applications for that matter) from the Internet zone if they\’ve only been signed with a test certificate (I\’m not worried about the warnings and so on, so long as people have the *choice*).
    Otherwise the cost of certificates would translate to: No online WPF demos from me any time in the foreseeable future.
    Which would be a shame…a loss for all humanity and so on.

  5. Rob permalink

    I\’ve not seen that before.  I\’d start by posting the issue to the wpf forum…and seeing if somebody else has seen that before.
    Yes, I believe for xbaps, you can get by with a test cert…as there is no elevation of permissions.  .application is a dfferent story.
    Thanks, Rob

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