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Navigating information using good URLs

March 29, 2007

URLs, when well designed, provide another navigational choice through information.  It is worth investing in design and specifying how applications and web sites use URLs.  It should not be an implementation decision left up to a developer or designer at implementation time, as it too often is.

I was please to find as I was composing "Mix07, TechEd, PDC – oh my!" that once I found the Mix URL, it was relatively easy to find the 2 other URLs.

Well kind of…

Mix07 –
TechEd –


  • How do I find the Mix06 site?  No idea.
  • How do I find the Teched06 site?  teched2006 redirects to teched2007.
  • Why is PDC available on MSDN, but not also
  • When I navigate to Mix07 or TechEd’s link, why do they show me "/default.mspx" at the end of the URL?
  • Interesting questions about how event sites should deal with old content, should be findable, etc…

My Take

I’d argue that events/mix, events/teched, events/pdc should all work on

Perhaps they redirect to the current year events, but they should use the non-year specific url.

  • events/mix would redirect users to events/mix07
  • events/teched would redirect users to events/teched07
  • events/pdc would redirect users to events/pdc07

Old sites would still stay up under the old year specific urls: mix06, teched06, pdc05.

My Url Manifesto

Still have passion for good use of URLs, which is why the URLs here at spaces still pain me (but I’ll continue to work with the Spaces team to stress how important it is to fix…). has some thoughts on the topic and links to most of my blog posts about URLs.

Funny how blogging about a topic can make you influential

A while ago, the PM in charge of URLs for Live sent me a mail to talk about my URL postings…as he was in charge of setting some guidelines.  Just by blogging my random thoughts, I think I was able to help influence a part of Microsoft to get better in an area I care about…  I should go look for that mail and see where he went with that all…


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