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WPF 3.0: MDI, DataSet, and LOB

March 31, 2007

Over in the Cider forums, artificer asked "Will XAML and Cider [be] appropriate for writing Line of Business applications?"

"I am especially interested on MDI and Binding components like strongly typed datasets, binding source and binding navigator controls."

MDI details:
Why Doesn’t WPF Support MDI? (Lauren Lavoie)
Multiple-Instance SDI in WPF (Michael Weinhardt)

Strongly typed datasets:
Binding a TreeView to a DataSet (Josh Smith)

Yes, WPF and Cider are appropriate for LOB…but there today we have some missing controls, the tools are early…so it isn’t as ideal as it eventually be.

You can see what other WPF developers think about WPF & LOB

Feedback please: WPF for LOB applications (DataEntry, DataViz, etc…) (Rob Relyea)


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  1. Kevin permalink

    Rob,Have you guys considered spinning up something akin to the ASP.NET AJAX control toolkit for WPF? Something to help build the control set without waiting for another major release of WPF.

  2. Josh permalink

    Thanks for linking to my post about binding a TreeView to a DataSet.  Since my old blog was deleted, I\’ve re-posted that content here:
    Josh Smith

  3. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the update to the URL.  I\’ve updated the link.

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