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Mix07: Lots of great WPF & WPF/E content

April 5, 2007

Getting excited for Mix07, always fun to have a major event. Mix07 is @

We should have 4 or 5 great talks on WPF and a bunch related to WPF/E as well.


  I’ll be doing a WPF talk.  Look forward to seeing/meeting you there.


Update: Found some Mix blog bling.

  1. Laurent permalink

    I\’ll make sure to be there! very impatient to be in MIX again!

  2. Marcin Samelak | longman permalink

    Unfortunately it is too far from Poland 😉

  3. Tanveer permalink

    Same goes for Pakistan. Won\’t be able to attend Mix07.

  4. austin permalink

    I\’m hoping MIX sessions are viewable and downloadable in ~june/july.
    It\’s the best way to distribute how-to info for enabling a flood of apps and web sites based on wpf and wpf/e. (When? When Blend and VS07 ship.)

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